OK so the question is.......

What Is The Best E-Reader!!

Well after doing a lot of research we have come to the conclusion that there is no 1 best ebook reader. Infact there is no 1 best way to read e-books.


Along with the vast range of dedicated eReaders, you also have the ability to download and read your ebooks on your computer, laptop, tablet, and even your mobile phone!!

With companies such as Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Pandigital and many more making both eReaders and Tablets, there is definitely alot to choose from.
So what you really need to be asking yourself is.....

What is the best way for ME to read ebooks!!

Before you answer that, think about the following question........


Why do I want an eReader? Why am I not just reading traditional books?


I can hear you saying “because I want to read electronic books of course”.


Actually it's not such a silly question, before you can decide which device you're looking for you need to understand what you want it for.

  • Where do I want to read?
  • What size reading screen am I looking for?
  • What type of screen?
  • How portable is it?
  • How heavy is it?
  • What format are the ebooks I want to read?
  • Do I want to be able to buy flashy accessories?
  • How much do I want to pay?

So.... e-Reader or Tablet?

Before you decide, you need to be very clear about your needs and preferences. If all you want to do is read a book whilst travelling or waiting for appointments, then the e-reader is possibly your best choice.

If however you want to use the internet for reading publications and magazines with colourful illustrations, then you should definitely opt for the tablet.

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